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Italian manufacturer of wood-fired ovens

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Alfa Refrattari's ovens are handmade by italian artisans; functional modular refractory ovens, inspired and designed like brick wood-fired ovens of the past. Built with passion and experience they come fully assembled, to create a perfect product that combines both the made in italy heritage and new technology. The DIY ovens complete our range of ovens.

From the brick to the wood-fired oven

Alfa Ref is a specialised terracotta and refractories manufacturer. Everything is produced in our manufacturing plant in Anagni to give you the best in terms of quality and reliability. Since its inception in the 70s, the company committed itself to the continuous improvement of production process and products in order to be an industry leader. The continuous innovation supported by a dedicated trade marketing is the key of our corporate philosophy and is shared not only by the owners but also by the people working in the company.

designed & made in Italy

Our company surprises everyone: it amazes all those who come to see us and learn that we manufacture everything on the premises. It amazes everyone with its size, the largest in its industry; it amazes because the people that started and expanded the business are still here, working their materials that nobody else knows how to shape just as well. It’s amazing that in our company the individual is really important. We are happy to surprise you and we will continue to do so.

Decorating, cooking and heating

The Alfa Ref products embellish your home and your kitchen. In fact our wide range can meet your every need: prefabricated and pre-assembled fireplaces, fire bricks and domestic ovens are the right answer for your house. With a single Alfa product you can decorate, cook and heat.

About us


Alfa Ref is the brand that puts the refractory materials at the core of its offer. Alfa Refrattari has been operating for 40 years in the construction, heating and cooking business. The refractory material has always been a constant element in the company’s history.

All the products have been designed starting from this material which in fact is the soul of the company. The refractory material has always been the heart of the traditional wood-burning cooking, a convivial and genuine cooking that brings people together around the fire in everyday life.

Alfa Ref has established itself as a world leading producer of refractories, recognized in 50 countries and counting. In this catalogue you will find all our expertise, our passion and our craftsmanship to decorate, to gather and to celebrate your cooking, your home and your family. This is what we do and we are proud to offer it to you.


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